This revolutionary new solar energy offering is the first of its kind in our area.

With no upfront cost, community solar is truly a solar solution for all.

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What is community solar?

How Does Community Solar Work?

1. SED builds a solar array, right here in our community to serve 200 homes and small businesses.
2. You sign up for a share of the solar array. We’ll help you pick the right share size to match your electricity needs.
3. There’s no upfront cost and then predictable monthly membership payments – no more rate hikes!
4. You power your home or business with solar. Each month, you’ll see your share of solar on your utility statement – reducing or eliminating your electricity bill.

What Is A Community Solar Array (CSA)?

New York is now one of a handful of states that allow multiple electricity customers to benefit from a single solar array. The fancy term is Group Net Metering; we call them Community Solar Arrays or CSAs. SED and SunCommon make use of this state program to build large, shared Community Solar Arrays. Homeowners and renters aren’t connected to the array with wires, but through their electric utility’s accounting function which divvies up the array’s output.

Who Can Participate In This Program?

Almost anyone. In the past, if you’ve been a renter, a homeowner with a shaded or obstructed roof, tied up with HOA restrictions, live in a condo, or more, you haven’t been able to take advantage of solar energy. That ends here. With Community Solar from SED and SunCommon, anyone living in Rochester that uses RG&E as their utility now has access to clean, affordable renewable energy from the sun.

How Does Billing Work?

CSA members sign up for a share of the array’s output, depending on how much electricity they use each year. So a member might sign up for credits equivalent to a 2% share of the CSA’s electric output. Each month, her utility credits her bill with “solar incentives” in dollars, equal to what 2% of that array’s energy would be worth.




Want to connect with us to learn more about the program and reserve your spot? Dustin Bowman is the Rochester Community Solar Membership Coordinator. You can find him at (585)265-2384 ext 300. Or, fill out the form above and Dustin will be in touch