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Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc.
Monday, May 05, 2014
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Nominations from Greater Rochester Area non-profits will be accepted until May 31

Ontario, NY – Sustainable Energy Developments, Inc. (SED), an Ontario, NY based company, is currently running ‘ROC the SUN Solar Giveaway’ and will be accepting nominations from local non-profit organizations for a free solar project. SED has committed to donating the solar panels, design expertise, and certified installation of the solar project to the selected community service organization.  This project will enable a deserving organization, committed to helping the local community, spend their hard earned money more directly on their stated mission and services rather than their electric bills. The final project will serve as a showcase for the environmental benefits of solar energy available to the Rochester community.

SED believes the Greater Rochester Area has significant potential for the use of distributed renewable energy technologies like wind and solar.  SED works hard to educate the community on the economic and environmental benefits that these technologies can provide. Distributed renewable energy systems provide electricity generation in a wide variety of settings, including households, schools, farms, businesses, towns, and communities. Projects range, for example, from 1 to 10 kilowatt (kW) projects at a home, small business, or small agricultural load – to multi-megawatt (MW) projects for a university campus, manufacturing facility or municipality.

SED will donate the solar panels, project development expertise, and associated labor for a 5kW project.  SED will also ensure the project secures grant funding from NYSERDA, any local permits that may be necessary, and approval to interconnect to the local utility.  In order to purchase the remaining equipment necessary to complete the project SED will manage a crowdfunding effort in conjunction with the non-profit’s fund raising.

Non-profits are encouraged to submit applications or contact SED for more information.  The nomination period will end on May 31st and in order to be considered, an organization must be a 501(c)(3) nonprofit serving the Greater Rochester Area.  The organization must demonstrate how they will benefit from a 5kW solar installation and should have previously established sustainability practices or goals.  The goal of the project is to help these organizations better fulfill their own goals by providing them with the means to generate their own electricity at little to no cost.  Additionally, SED hopes to find a community partner that will help promote the use and deployment of renewable energy for a positive social, educational and environmental impact for the Greater Rochester Area.

This first donation of a 5kW solar project is just the start of SED’s larger plan to link consumers with renewable energy projects in their communities.  This project is not only about converting to clean energy, it is also an opportunity to convert energy directly into much needed community services.  The selected organization will save money on their operating costs through the use of their own renewable energy system.  Donations will support a local non-profit by providing a tool that will generate a sustainable, long term benefit.

SED is developing future projects that will give consumers the opportunity to invest in local renewable energy projects that generate positive economic returns as well.  “The ability for consumers to make socially conscious investment decisions to directly benefit their communities changed significantly with the passage of the JOBS Act in 2012,” says SED’s COO George McConochie.  “The rules that will govern this law are long overdue, but crowdfunding websites provide the opportunity now to undertake donation based campaigns, so we are going to take advantage of the chance to do good now and plant the seed of renewable energy crowdfunding.”

To request more information on the program please email with the subject ‘ROC the SUN Solar Giveaway.

SED – ROC the SUN Application.


About SED – SED offers over 12 years of distributed renewable energy generation experience in addition to relationships with manufacturers, funding agencies and financiers. This experience is highlighted by nearly 70 operational wind and solar projects throughout the northeastern United States, including over 8MW of installed wind and solar capacity. SED integrates the lessons learned from these completed projects into solutions for your project’s unique challenges. Starting with a free analysis of your site’s potential and our unmatched success in securing grant funding, SED can show you how to power your future.