Windjammers were large sailing ships made of iron and steel, originally used in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. These steel hulled ships were the grandest of vessels designed to withstand long ocean voyages and harness the wind to transport cargo around the world. True to their namesake, the Windjammers of Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport, ME, recently completed a grand eight year voyage of the 21st century. Captained by the students, the school undertook several years of research, fundraising, and the successful navigation of complex permitting channels to deliver a 100kW community wind project. The Windjammers themselves raised over half a million dollars to fund the project and acquired all of the permits and approvals necessary to install the machine.  SED was selected by the school to fill the role of guiding this voyage to a close.  Contracted in January of 2012 to construct the 100kW wind turbine project, which now stands 155 feet tall between the school’s athletic fields, SED’s experienced construction team finished the installation just three months later. resulting in wind power surging through the halls of the high school.