Featured Install – Knataitis Residence

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Prepared for David Knataitis Total Project Size: 8.745kW roof mount on his garage This array is expected to cover over 100% of his electric usage Annual savings of about $1500 Lifetime Savings over $37,000 Payback Period under nine years This is a great example of being able to go solar on any roof space as… Read more »

Featured Install – Bauch Residence

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Prepared for Tim Bauch Brockport, NY Total Project Size: 8.190kW Average Annual Savings over $1500 Lifetime Savings at least $38,000 Reduction in electric over 50% Payback Period: 10 years The project payback period is a little higher than some systems because Bauch decided to use micro-inverters which allow each panel to work on its own… Read more »